Dee the Deer

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Dee the Deer embodies kindness and compassion drawn from the fable she is inspired by. She is the personification of storytelling, as we have learned it from our grandmothers and the values they share in every tale.

In Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, folktales were passed on through oral tradition. These tales embody the values and lessons our ancestors wanted to give the next generation. Stories are about collaboration and connection. They transcend generations, engage us through emotions, and connect us to others. Through stories, we share passions, sadness, hardships, and joys. We share meaning and purpose. Stories are the common ground that allows people to communicate, overcoming our defenses and our differences. Stories allow us to understand ourselves better and find our commonality with others.

We have looked into reviving the stories from the ‘Fables from the Heart of The Arabian Peninsula’ which are called ‘Sabhoona’, plural of Sabaheen. This colloquial Arabic word describes the stories grandmothers told on long nights under the moonlight.

While these tales are partially based on reality, they blend with our grandmothers’ imagination.

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