We are the & between
culture and design,
between brands and people.

We are the & between
culture and design,
between brands and people.


Who We Are 

&Bouqu is the coming together of Quby Design Group, an interdisciplinary creative consultancy, and Oasis Company (known for creating Saudi Design Week as well as Oasis Magazine and publishing house), a culture, design and art platform. This union aims to create opportunities for brands, cultural enterprises, artisans, and local talents to tell immersive and dynamic narratives that resonate.

& multidisciplinary powerhouse
& Creators Platform
& Creative Strategy Lab
& Cultural Ideation Incubator

What We Do

We want to elevate local brands to the greatest heights of cultural creativity.

We understand that brands are far more than a product to be sold, and in fact, are essential components of global culture. We deeply believe that brands have infinite potential to be creative and evolutionary icons of society.

&bouqu is the catalyst for that transformation. The & between culture and design, brands and people.


&bouqu combines strategy, design expertise, cultural curation, and experiential storytelling to help transform brands into purpose-led and glocally resonant icons.

We’re here to make sure that if a story needs to be told, it will be told, activated, and experienced phenomenally, memorably and inimitably well.

Brand Lab:

In our Brand Lab Unit, we will help you identify the key areas for your brand’s development, whether it's brand DNA, elevating product procurement, or market application
  • Brand & Communications Strategy for new and existing brands and institutions
  • Product development, sourcing, and procurement
  • 360 Communications strategizing and execution
  • Editorial Content Development and Production
  • Market Development & Application

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is the new model of interactive advertising, bringing brands to life by creating a direct, intimate interaction with the target audience. This includes creating narrative-driven campaigns, which foster human connection and leads to action through multisensory immersion.
  • Event/Campaign Ideation
  • Program Curation
  • Spatial Design and Branding
  • Content Development and Marketing
  • Event Management

Creators Network

We are here to plant the new seeds of emerging creatives designers and entrepreneurs, and to nurture existing brands to grow even taller
  • Creative consultancy for artists, designers, and makers
  • Incubation for makers, creative startups, and projects
  • Representation of Regional Talents in the international arena
  • Curating road shows and exhibitions
  • Cross-industry collaborations

Design and Culture Exchange Platform

We believe in communal creativity and the potency of design to be a universal language. Through &Bouqu’s partnerships and alliances throughout the world we are able to bring leading global trends and creative ideas home--- creating discourse that is always relevant and aligned with our context and culture.
  • Cross-market artistic/creative collaborations
  • Institution-Practitioner Relations Building and Representation
  • Local and International Curatorial Management

& Partners

Quby Design Group

Quby Design Group is an interdisciplinary creative consultancy that tackles all facets of brand identity. We are driven by our mission to elevate the role of design in society and elevate society through design. We study the market, create sustainable branding that tells your story and provide comprehensive design solutions that further your brand potential.

Oasis Company

Oasis was founded in 2007 with the mission to foster and champion local creative talent locally and internationally with notable exhibitions, projects, and events in KSA and internationally in London, Milan, New York, Istanbul, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, and Bahrain. This included founding Oasis Magazine, Saudi Arabia’s first arts and culture magazine in 2007, House of Misque, a cultural gifting house, in 2010, and culminating in 2014 with the establishment of Saudi Design Week, the Kingdom’s premier celebration of world-class design and visual culture. 

& international/regional collaborators

  • Bompass & Parr - Immersive Gastronomic and Design Experiences
  • Shepherd’s Studio - Architecture and design
  • Akwan - Regional Playground Design focusing on the Arabic Language
  • Public Art Lab - To be signed, Urban Media Creative Technologies and installations

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