Riyadh Science Oasis Museum

Full Strategy and Execution

The Challenge

Reimagining and transforming the Science Oasis into an innovative creative cultural destination and iconic hub for the city of Riyadh. The address will embody the ethos of enlightenment with each area of the multifunctional space offering an interpretation of this overarching theme. It will act as a nexus for the local community to engage and grow.

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The Approach

Full-cycle management of multiple museum components from annual exhibitions, installations, in-house programs, and marketing communications.

Sourcing and management of all vendors, suppliers and contractors, Including staffing, operations, and logistics.

Program development of Museum exhibitions, content, and educational outreach. Exterior and Interior space development.

An icon of progress, a hub of the future, and a nexus for creativity, innovation, and imagination - Riyadh's Beacon of Enlightenment. Enlightenment or التنوير serves as the curatorial north star guiding the strategic plan and thematic transformation of the Science Oasis into a sustainable multifunctional space and knowledge center.

The core team is tasked on conceptualization, branding, masterplanning, project management, overseeing construction, installation, day-to-day operations, and communications. Its visual identity, branding touchpoints, and activations are to be developed and executed in-house.

The Scope

Full Strategy Development
Investment Strategy Development
Experiential and Spatial Design
PR and Marketing
Content Development