Saudi Pavilion, ABWAB

Dubai Design Week 2017

The Challenge

&bouqu was invited by Art Dubai Group and Dubai Design Week to participate in the first inaugural edition of Abwab, an annual key feature of the Dubai Design Week programme, dedicated to commissioning work from across the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia with the objective to promote the region's talent and stimulate cultural exchange.


The Approach

The curatorial concept of the first Saudi Pavilion at ABWAB is to re-connect the designers and the audience by honing on the commonalities, culture and nature of play. The designers were asked to reinterpret UMTS3* each with their own perspective on Saudi culture creating dialogue. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the designs and designers.

*Stylized. Um Tse was played by tracing three squares and lines into the sand. Each of the two opponents used either different coloured stones or different shapes or different textures to identify their 9 pieces.

The Scope

Exhibition Design
Event Management
PR & Communications